Championship Game Lineup Assistance

Coming into this game, I thought I had the lineup perfect. Then some inuries and waiver wire pickups happened and I no longer feel so confident.

QB: Watson*, Tannehill
RB: McCaffrey*, Kamara*, Boone
WR: Moore*, AJ Brown*, Edelman, Fuller, Perriman
Flex: Keenan Allen
TE: Kittle
Def: Ravens*, Broncos

  • = currently a starter.

Biggest questions for me are:

-Boone over Kamara? or even Boone in my flex?
-Ravens or Broncos?
-What would you rank as my top 3 WR for week 16?

Thanks so much!

  1. Boone at RB if both Cook and Mattison are out, otherwise leave Kamara. I’d leave your FLEX alone.
  2. Broncos – DET is injured and God-awful.
  3. In no particular order, Brown, Perriman and Fuller – that TB/HOU game is shaping up to be a shootout.
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lol damn. this is rough. DJ Moore, Edelman, Allen got me to the ship and now I’m thinking about playing Brown, Perriman, and Fuller (all waiver wire pick ups within the last 2 weeks).

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I wouldn’t trust Moore this week with a first-time starting QB. Injured or not, Edelman still has the BUF D to contend with, meaning he likely gets Tre’Davious White. And Allen, well, he’s still the FLEX it seems. AJ’s gonna get Lattimore but I think he’ll at least do better than Edelman this week.

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anyone else have any opinions? really anything helps and I’ll comment on your post as well