Championship game nerves

12 team ppr league, $20 buy in but it’s not strict, meaning guys can play if they don’t pay but they aren’t eligible for the prize obviously. It’s a work league so we keep the buy in pressure at a min. I lost 5 of my first 7 so just making the playoffs was a big deal. Now I’m in the championship game, and while I have a good team IMO I’m nervous about Sunday. I did get 200 bones as the other guy in the championship didn’t pay. I don’t care about the money, want the win. My team:
Allen- Plays Atl worried Buf getting a lead and running in the 2nd half
Ekeler- plays Denver, opponent has Herbert and Williams
Mitchell- not cleared to play yet, have Wilson as a sub. Worried about Lance poaching goal line runs.
Adams- super cold in GB and Cousins out. GB gets up and runs.
Diggs- see Allen
Knox- see Allen
Higgins- can’t score 45 every week

Anyone else get the championship game nerves?

You got a good team bro…don’t worry about Allen and your bills…devante will get his. Higgins is great, Ekeler is great, NE defense…ducking fantastic. You’re going to be fine. Good luck


Good luck buddy, I like the team

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You don’t get “championship game nerves” unless you make the championship game. Enjoy it!


Thanks for the support y’all. I wound up winning the championship game despite Allen throwing three pics to the Atl D and Knox carding a 0. Adams, Mitchell, Ekeler, Tucker and NE DST held it down. Not the best performance but a win is a win.

Y’all probably know already but one thing I’ve learned over the years is trust your gut. I usually just play my go to players for the most part but I had a feeling Higgins would have a down week after 45pts last week…I thought about sitting him for St. Brown but didn’t. Trust your gut.