Championship game! Which TE?

Earlier than everyone else because we have no bye weeks, but I got through last week.

So Which TE to start this week, the only position that isn’t clear

Brate vs Atl
Olsen vs GB
Ebron vs CHI

Also just to check I am starting Mccoy, Kamara and Collins in the Flex instead of Demarco, seems like the right choice?

Hopefully can bring home the Footclan Title!

How do you look matched up to your opponent?

pretty Level, he’s the slight favourite by 2 or 3 points, projected 112 vs 115…

Brate or Olsen… Chicago is a better defense and just look to be clicking. I would play Demarco but I am in a PPR league. I think you could keep collins if that is your preference but I had stuck it out with Demarco as my flex in a couple leagues.

thanks for your help, I think I’ll role with Brate,

It is a 1/2 pt ppr, but Alex Collins carried me last week when Kamara went down and have faith in him against the browns this week who have been looking a bit weaker against the run

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