Championship help please

Hey foot clan!!!

Need some serious help right now, my first championship make ever.

Full Ppr
Qb black bortles
Rb1 kamara
Rb2 Devonta freeman
Wr1 tyfreak hill
Wr2 Brandin Cooks
Wr3 Dez Bryant
Flex Robert Woods

Or Keelan Cole
Or Mike Wallace

My opponent has some heavy hitters
Julio Jones
DeAndre Hopkins
Larry Fitzgerald
Ezekiel Elliot
Carlos Hyde
Evan Engram
Stefon Diggs

What should i do?

He’s got some heavy hitters for sure but I don’t hate your chances at all! If you’re really feeling like you need the upside though, I would be considering Keelan Cole over Robert Woods and then moving Woods to WR3 instead of Dez.

That’s exactly what I’ve been contemplating. Lol.