Championship: *If* Dalvin Plays

… do you trust in his health enough to start him?

Even if you do, do you suspect the week will be RBBC with Mattison and Boone, or do you think Dalvin will be the lead?

My other RBs right now are Carson and Miles Sanders – I have Mattison too and I was outbid for Boone (fortunately not by my opponent).

Seems like a case could be made for the best fantasy scenario (for me anyway) being Dalvin declared out and Mattison being fine and starts.

What do you think?

The game being on monday makes this so much harder. If you think Carson and Sanders can do enough for you to still win you almost have to do that. If Cook and Mattison sit out which i dont know how likely it is both do but if they do youll have no pivot move.

I do believe they go a bit more rbbc personally if more than one is good to go

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Carson I’m sure will come through, Sanders not so sure because Dallas is 12th in rushing defense but PHI doesn’t have much else to work with. Boone will be good to go no matter what but that won’t help me – I’m seeing it play out where either he’s the dominant lead or he shares pretty equally with one or both. Either way, not good for me.

Best I can think of as a contingency plan is put Cook at the FLEX for now and hope for the best, but pick up another player from Monday’s game in case both he and Mattison can’t go and it’s not decided until game day. The pickings are slim though: Lazard, Abdullah, Jimmy Graham, Irv Smith, Allison, Bisi Johnson.

Or if neither of their statuses are settled by Sunday morning I can just say screw it and play someone outside of that game.

That Tom Petty song about the waiting being the hardest part is ringing through my head.

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Really have to hope that Jordan Howard does try to make in back on the field and take even a few touches from Sanders. I havent heard any update on him though but for just a stinger I really would have thought hed be back by now. Those pickings are very slim id be looking to have a flex swing ready sunday morning

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In a fortunate turn of events the guy who picked up Boone ended up releasing him later in the day, so fingers crossed that he clears for me on Saturday.