Championship QB Decision and stacking question

Ok made it to the championship. Thank you all!

I’m trying to decide between Dak with Zeek back or Foles this week. I think we all kinda know the fear with Dak in past weeks and what he did before the suspension. Also aware of the MIN problem with foles.

One thing I’m also wondering about this. Does it matter that I’m starting A Jeffery and he is starting N Agholor?


Tyron Smith is questionable which is big for Dak and Zeke. Foles may not play the whole game.

It’s a tough one. If Smith is out definitely Foles but they are pretty much ranked next to each other.

So I’m guessing this should kinda be the priority:

  1. Min loses -> Automatic Dak
  2. Min Wins / Tyron Smith out -> Foles
  3. Min Wins / Tyron in -> ? Flip a coin? What about the stacking?

My opponent also outscored me past few weeks :S if that matters

It’s not looking great. Do you have any other QB / WR options? Bleh. Now I am wondering if it is safe for me to start Zeke.

If it makes you feel anymore at ease I’m stacking Foles and Alshon this week just like I did last week and that worked out well, of course as long as Minnesota doesn’t lose. Jeffery got 10+ targets last week and 4 or 5 in the end zone and I’m thinking a big game for both. I wouldn’t be concerned about him playing Nelson, because yeah he may get points but so will Foles. Just keep an eye on the Vikings game. Dak may be safer if his tackle plays but Foles has a great matchup and huuuge upside. Sling it with Saint Nick on Christmas night my friend! Good luck!

As good a reason as any.