Championship QB Help!

Gang, need help with a QB decision.

Currently have Taysom in with Russ on the bench

Trey and Huntley are available

.5 ppr


Tee Higgins
Flex - Mike Williams/Boston Scott/Howard are options
Def - Indy or Seattle - Currently rolling Indy

Who should I roll with at QB for the chip


Quite honestly, I personally would roll with Lance.

I dont trust Russ and Hill plays a tough Panthers D, despite their horrible offense.

I would keep Russ and Hil just in case Jimmy G some how plays.

I’d roll out Trey Lance.
Then Hill, then Russ.

You’re lineup, other than qb looks solid to me, so at that I think you’re are looking for the highest floor play so I would go with the running qbs here. Trey probably represents a hell of a ceiling as well. Good luck

Thanks guys! I’m rolling with Lance and wishing for the best - just picked up Patterson too - might see if it’ll be him in the flex