Championship RB Start

Championship week so need the win here. Who should I start?

Jaylen Samuels (only if Conner is out)
Damien Williams (only if Ware is out)
Jamaal Williams

I’m assuming Conner and Ware are both going to be sidelined.


D. Williams if Ware is out, then Samuels (which sounds like Conner is out), then J. Williams. For what it’s worth, Ware does seem to be progressing so he may play.

I’ve got D. Williams and could get Ware. If I have both would you start either of them over Lindsay? Lindsay’s had 2 poor outings and I think it’s because their passing game is falling apart and even the Raiders sub-par defense can focus on the run and stop Lindsay.

If you don’t have any other option, then yes. I also have Lindsay and am starting him with full confidence. Oak is just bad.

I am in the same situation, I have in my RB1 slot Melvin Gordon, But i am trying to hash out my RB2 and Flex. I have Jamal Williams, J Samuels (starting in my TE slot for Yahoo), Damien Willaims , Elijah McGuire and Tevin Coleman.

I dont know what to do either. But here are my thoughts on the whole thing . I am list Damien Williams as a must start even if Ware did start Williams is bound to get a lot of playing time. Jaylen Samuels second, it doesnt look like Conner will be playing this week. Jamaal Williams, I watch and hes not the most impressive back, but hes getting carries. I struggle with Jamaal Williams because he has the backfield to himself.

Most likely you will have to wait to game day to see if Ware and Conner are playing . Still Damien Williams would be my start in that crew with KC being so high scoring.