Championship Tie Breaker

i play in a standard league no percentage points we have a tie what to do? i just need some input to what is fair
commish has never said what happens during a tie cuz its never happened.
the options are: #1 split the pool, #2 Wr points (i will), #3 Rb points ( i loose) or pick straws to see whether wr or rb points are the tiebreakers.
what are your suggestions

Bench points my friend


I would split it and tell your commish to stop living in the 90s and do decimal scoring so this doesn’t happen in the future lol!


It usually goes to bench points, but it should just be a split and as mentioned, add some freaking decimals. There’s no reason any FF game should end in a tie in 2017.

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I like having a league with non fractional points. Makes things a little different. Bench points is the dumbest way to break a tie. They weren’t in your starting lineup they shouldn’t affect the score. What if one team played defense and picked up 3 QBs this week. since QBs tend to score more they win the championship because of that?

My league for ties it is the single highest scoring player. that team wins the game.

If you want to involve the bench, I say the only way is to which team was closest to optimal lineup wins. if 1 team played their best possible lineup and one team had all their bench points outscore their starters, then the first team should win because they correctly put their best team out there and the other one essentially was a bad manager for the week. I lost a semifinal match becasue I essentially played the completely wrong team and lost by 8, should I be rewarded since if I had played my bench players I would have won?

We have a different format for regular season ties…but we rarely have that because we have decimal scoring actually only 1 time In the last 3 season’s.

But for championship tie… it’s a live game of rock paper scissors… best of 3 wins.

Seems fair and it would be a ton of fun to watch. So much on the line