Championship waiver wire help!

Ok Footclan I need advice on some decisions I need to make this week.

My team as is:
Brees, Thielen, AJ Brown, Zeke, A Jones, Hollister, Mostert, Pitt DST

My Bench: Waller, Shepard, Fitzpatrick, Mattison, Singletary, Justin Watson

I’m trying to pick up Perriman for and tossing back Watson and also try to pick up Boone just in case Mattison is a no go. McLaurin is also on waivers and has the Giants this week, which could be a sneaky good play.

If I get Perriman should I start him in place of Thielen and should I start one of the Vikings rbs over Aaron Jones or Mostert?

I haven’t been keeping up with Thielen’s health but I would be very hesitant to play him so I would definitely play Perriman over him.

I would stick with A. Jones for sure and only play one of the Vikings RB over Mostert if the Vikings RB is locked and loaded the only one out there.

If you miss out on Perriman I think you can roll with Terry instead of Thielen (or even instead of Perriman if you want). The Giants are real bad and hopefully he can take advantage of that.

one other thing to add is that my opponents QB is Winston…so if I’m able to pick up Perriman it will limit Winstons upside. I have Watson already but i think Perriman is definitely the WR to own in this case.