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Championship week DST


Chicago (facing Cleveland)
Carolina (facing Tampa Bay)
Eagles (facing Oakland)
Pats (facing Buffalo)

Which is the best matchup?


I definitely would not go the bears. I’m my opinion, it’s a close call between the pats and the eagles.


Iv been holding the Bears for week 16 and now with return in Flash Gordon they don’t look so good.


Its 1 week. I wanna see how it plays out more before i drop the bears but im in the same boat for week 16. Luckily i have a bye in week 14 and can watch and see how the browns play. If avaliable you may want to pick up browns defense. Which i am debating on.


I’m on a bye as well. The Brown D might actually be a good play. Arizona vs NYG at home and Washington vs Denver at home are 2 I’m intrigued by as well.


Giants do alot of 3 and outs but not too many turnovers. Wash is intriguing because denver does turn the ball over but its such a hard D to trust.


Alright fellas. I now have Cincinnati, Chicago and Buffalo. I have a bye this week. I’m stashing for weeks 15 and 16. I want to drop one and pick up a handcuff. Who do I drop?


Id drop cinci because bills are for 15 and both cinci and chicago are for 16 and i think chicago at home vs cleveland is still better than detroit.