Championship week playing options

So I’ve made it this far with essentially the same lineup. I’ve been 12-1 and my only loss was to this guy, who out of my team would you plug into this lineups?

Btw I’m mack attack

Well there’s a good chance Keenan won’t play but you have Williams so you know that’s the move you’ll have to make later this week.

I don’t trust that knee with Gurley. Keep an eye on reports. I probably plug Cohen but…obviously if Gurley is okay I would start him. (That’s the most Captain Obvious statement this year.)

No wonder you’re 12-1. Sick team.

Thank you haha almost lost but kamara came in clutch with 16 points when I needed 15 last week. Hoping gurley is good to go and that they no longer bench him cause they are fighting for homefield!