Championship week trolling

Anyone out there trolling their opponent ahead of championship week? Care to share how you’re doing it?

Well I am playing my brother in law who is the defending champ so it is a little harder to troll him. He just keeps sending me pictures of the trophy on his mantle. But I have a screenshot of our regular seasons matchup where I beat him and I just keep sending him photos of that.

Also he is a big Colts fan and I have Marlon Mack on my team, so I keep sending him a screen shot of Marlon Mack player profile and keep telling him to get ready to hate Mack after he single handedly wins me my matchup.

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I’m trolling because I’m in the 3rd place game and ahead of the guy who beat me on waivers

I troll by complimenting my opponents team and congratulating them all the time.
They call it the reverse psychology jinx.

You’re nicer than I am then, though I’m playing a friend who has it coming. Created a couple false news stories I’ll text him throughout the week. He’ll be starting Zeke and Lindsay at running back. Even it makes him panic for 2 minutes, it’s worth it


Hahahaha! That’s genius! Even though I read that you made these up- I still panicked seeing Zeke in there.

This is horrible. And I fully support it 100%

I feel like you created this topic to show off your photoshop skills. And it’s a brilliant tactic! I would one up it though, instead of a screenshot that you text him, actually create a website clone of one of the news outlets with that fake news article, and then send him a link to that website.

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That’s what it is. It’s not photoshop…

I created the thread to get other ideas to troll

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