Championship Woes

So in the first annual Dodd Bowl between me and my wife I…lost. Badly. 112.26 to 128.76. Despite Baker throwing 3 TDs, Robby Anderson putting up 20, Nick Chubb rushing for over 100 yds, and CMC being amazing, I could not overcome Deshaun Watson, Jamaal WIlliams, Robert Woods, and the NE D. Todd Gurley got me there but his absence cost me. Hard.

Also, life advice, drinking yourself into a stupor will not change the fantasy results. Gotta steel myself for a year of gloating and mockery from friends and family.

But hey, at least my marriage willl remain intact.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays fellow footclanners!


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LOL…I had to truly “laugh out loud” as I read this. I was part of the thread back last week when you first started talking about it. Please don’t take my chuckling at this the wrong way my friend. Not finding your loss humorous per se, just find your attitude and “sense of humor” over it all truly enlightening and fun!!!

Oh well…just keep thinking: there’s always next year…there’s always next year…….there’s always next year. Cuz I’m sure your wife is gonna be chomping at the bit come draft time next year since I’m betting you created a FANTASY FOOTBALL MONSTER!!! LOL

Soooo, you’ll have the chance to even the “score” so to speak!!! :wink:

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I didn’t lose to my wife, but my team under-performed and I got slammed. Was disappointing because I had gone 12-1 in the regular season with most PF by a wide margin, and the 1 week it absolutely mattered, I get destroyed. Welp, 2nd place ain’t bad.

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Lol. Hope you had a good Xmas. Yup there’s always next year and my wife and I tease all in good fun. Wouldn’t have had more fun losing to someone else.

Tough luck. Missed playoffs in one league despite being 2nd best in PF. It happens

Oh no way! Ha!

It’s only right you get the wife a foot clan title champion sweatshirt.
Be a graceful loser.

Sorry for the loss…but I’m sure it was really fun all season going against the wife! I wish my wife would even remotely be interested.

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Wasn’t for a footclan title, just a friends league. She’s not a huge listener to the show so it might be wasted on her. Although we both use the UDK before we draft. Ya, she grew up around football cuz of her family so she doesn’t really mind it. Plus she’s really competitive and good with numbers so I lucked into her being a fantasy football fan. It was a crazy day. Hope you had a Merry Christmas man and a good season in all your leagues!

That’s so cool. It’s like you’re in an episode of The League.
I would still get her something to celebrate her win.

Hey man, I hope you had a wonderful holiday as well! I hope to connect with all of you later this year again.

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Low key, I may have got her to join so I would feel like I’m in The League :joy: