Chance of Todd Gurley Resting?

If the week goes on and Todd Gurley doesn’t seem 100%. What are the odds they rest him in a very favorable matchup against ARI? If he does rest, would you put your chips on Justin Davis or John Kelly?

I don’t think they are going to rest him due to the matchup. If anything they will rest him if he isn’t healthy but it sounds like health won’t be a concern this week. Worst case scenario is they put him in first half, Rams go up 28-0 and then he sits the second half. This win and Gurley are both vital for these last two games…

  1. Saints struggle big time on the road and chances are Saints/Rams will be NFC Championship game. Rams would love to have it in LA as opposed to giving Saints home field
  2. Bears are nipping at their heels trying to snag that #2 seed so not only do the Rams need to catch the Saints, but need to avoid being caught by the Bears.
  3. Goff has been horrible these last three weeks and they are going to need Gurley to keep defenses honest in order for Goff to get his head right before the playoffs.

I see Gurley playing all the way through week 17 unless there is a setback in his injury/recovery.


I think given his knee injury sustained in the last game they might have him on a snap count but i doubt they would sit him.

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