Chances of victory

I’ve got drew brees to play. My opponent is up by eleven points and has the new Orleans defense to play. What do you think my odds are of victory tonight?

If its an absolute shootout you have some good chances of getting the win. I need Thomas to find the endzone more than once lol, basically praying both teams put up major points.

Should be in the bag, Smith wont give up many turnovers and the Saints don’t have the best pass rush in the world. I can’t see them putting up a zero or negative points but Brees should get you enough to cover the difference and get the win!

Would like to understand the reasoning on using the Saints D. They are moving around DB’s hoping anything sticks to the wall at this point outside of Lattimore. But some things to consider:

  1. Brees could be the passing leader tonight of all time. Redskins secondary is very concerned about that record. They are talking about making sure it does not happen. The odds of them doing that are not good. Think he needs 200 yds.

  2. Chris Thompson. Saints ended his season last year. He is looking for retribution. He said this in a round about way last week. Brutal injury. Saints do have a good run D but everyone knows Thompson is a WR. They can stop AP but it’s the passing. Pathetic. Tea leaves are saying Saints D will be torched once again and will be chunking. it right back.

So in summmary; Brees’s record, Thompson retribution. Stage of MNF…should be a good one with lots of points. I don’t see Mark Ingram’s Return or AP having much of an impact.

It’s an interesting league. Some guys have played before, some are brand new. One guy refuses to change his lineup insisting he’ll win off the draft. So I don’t bother myself with questioning their lineup choices.