Chances Rod Smith has a big game against Eagles?

In a spot where I have to swing for the fences.

My theory is that since Tyron Smith most likely won’t be back in the lineup, in order to reduce the pressure on Dak, the Cowboys will throw a lot of short passes is Smith and thus he has the potential or a big game in this full point PPR League.

Does anybody else think that theory holds water or am I just pissing in the Wind? :scream_cat:

Pissing in the wind. If anything they will bring a TE over to help with the pressure. Eagles also boast one of the best Run Ds. Even with a healthy Oline it would be a rough game with no Zeke

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Thanks for your candor / crushing my dreams. :poop::poop:

Just kidding. You make some very valid points.

Ive been wrong before, but i honestly just dont see this happening

What are you other options aside from Smith?

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Guys, thanks for redirecting me on this.

Full Point PPR swing-for-the-fences options, need to and one must be a running back.

DeVante Parker
DeSean Jackson

Joe Mixon
James White
Derrick Henry
Rod Smith