Chances the Eagles make the playoffs?

Trying to gauge what the belief is here; will the Bears lay an egg and not play in Minnesota this week? Will the knowingly let a divisional foe get into the playoff only to have to play them for a 3rd time this season come January 6th?

highly doubt the bears just lay down for the vikings. Vikings are a tough team and pretty sure people don’t want to see them in the playoffs. Also, given that bears and vikings are a big rivalry game, the fans will lose their minds if bears give vikings a free win. Don’t see it happening.

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Agreed, I think Bears fans will be on TILT if they roll over and allow a division rivalry into the playoffs.

Also, not for nothing but SF has been playing much better at home, and if the Rams some hoe lose, then the Bears would get the 2 seed and at least 1 home playoff game and a bye.