Changed to a 14 Team league - any advice?

Recently changed main home redraft league from 12-14 teams, full PPR.

Doing a few mocks on sleeper, don’t hate the outcome. Just wondering if anyone has gone up league sizes like this and if anyone has any draft day tips?

Do you take certain positions earlier, alter strategy at all? aim for a top TE or QB or just the usual stay water, stock up RB and WR and take value if a higher tier WB or TE falls?

(Standard rosters, 1 QB, 2 RB, WR, 1 TE, 1 RB/WR flex, DST and K. 6 Bench.)

When we switched to 14 teams we dropped a bench spot so the waiver wire isn’t too thin. 14 teams adds 28 more players on rosters and unless your league trades frequently the waiver wire gets pretty lame.

Considering you have to start 2 RB and 1 WR it’s going to be collect all RBs possible. I wouldn’t change strategy because the difference between QB/TE12 and 14 isn’t significant. RB and WR still dominate but seek value at QB and TE when possible.

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Thanks, appreciate the reply and sorry we do start 2 WR as well just missed it off the post.

We did toy with the smaller benches but thought we’d trail this year as is with the potential COVID testing and needing to hold players or more backups than usual etc.

But a good point for next year and onwards

We’re adding an IR (maybe 2, still debating) to handle the COVID issue.

When we 1st went to 14 teams added a starting roster and bench spot which adds 56 players and life was terrible.