Changing scoring settings --> INT from -2 to -3

Hey @all,

I’m the commish of a last year founded Superflex 12-Team PPR - Dynastie — TD:6pts INT-2pts
2 weeks ago, after first season ending, some teammates ask for changing the scoring for INT from -2 to then -3

most liked the idea, the regarding poll went 9 to 2 in favor for changing the scoring. but there is one teammate who feels a bit (or more!) like betrayed because his QBs are INT-machines which would matter more after the change and the startup draft is just 1 year ago, especially its a Superflex where you almost have to play 2 QBs, so he says he would have draftet other players if he knew that there will be -3 instead of -2 pts for INT. Furthermore he says that such a big rule change has to be decided full-throated.

Although I would prefer the -3 pts (difference between TD reward and INT punishment shouldnt be as big as it is, but just learned it throughout the season)

I wolud like to know your opinions! the more the better.

and how i should handle this whole thing.

thank you all in advice and best regards from Germany


I think scoring changes need to be unanimous to change. If you were adding a bench spot or something minor like that I’d be okay with majority vote changes. That poor guy if he has like Winston and another turnover prone QB he really gets the shaft, so I can empathize. I think -3 is > -2 from a competition standpoint however, as it creates more tiers of skill to differentiate between QB’s.

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Scoring changes should be unanimous no matter what they are. Like your league mate said he would have drafted differently if this change was taking place. A scoring change like this can definitely changed the outlook of your league and some teams will be getting the short end of the sticks with this one. Unanimous outcome or no change imo.

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I disagree with unanimous, but I would maybe give it a 2 year buffer if majority wins. Gives teams time to prepare.

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Good point, thank you!