Chargers DEF vs. Dallas?

I hate playing Defenses on Thursday. Been burned in the past and just overall don’t like Fantasy players playing on Thursday. But with 3 on thanksgiving I may be forced to.

But what about Chargers DEF? They have played well lately (especially last week). Should I roll them out on the road against Dallas or look for another streamer?

Part of me wants to because of the abuse Dak has taken and the poor decision making, but part of me also knows the Cowboys can be explosive (and after their last couple will be hungry for a big win).

Also the whole DEF on a short travel week factors in negatively as well (Thanks Bills against the Jets a couple weeks ago)


T Smith is supposed to be back, I think Dak will have a lot more time.

Not that you couldnt start their D but there are better options out there

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I would start them if that’s your best/only option. But I expect Dallas to score a decent amount of points in this one.

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