Chargers early draft stack?

If you were at the back end of a 12 team ppr snake draft, would you have a problem going Melvin Gordon and Keenan allen together? Say at 1.09 Melvin. Especially based off the Melvin love the podcast gave today. Or would you rather go Devante Adams,or AJG to avoid a Melvin/Keenan allen combo if that was possible?


No problem for me ( but I’m nobody) or our hosts. If you listen to the mock draft they did last week from the #7 spot, they took Gordon in the 1st and were hoping Allen would fall to them in the 2nd, but he went a pick or 2 earlier, so they went with Freeman. I’ve got Allen (who helped me win a championship last year) a tier above Adams and AJG, so that’s why I’d take him.

2 starting skill players from a single team is usually my limit though, so with that combo I’d be passing on Rivers and whoever the Chargers TE ends up being.

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that was the podcast I was referring to. It kind of threw me off…wondering what others think about it.

They’re both so involved that I don’t see it as an issue. I’d probably avoid Rivers late if I did that, but if they’re the best players available at their respective picks (amd i think they likely would be) I’m taking them without hesitation.

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