Charger's Running Backs

I own all 3 RBs for the Chargers. I drafted Melvin Gordon in the 6th round.

Should I drop Justin Jackson with the emergence of Austin Ekeler and the probability of Melvin Gordon to return by week 6.

Thoughts on what i should do…

This is a 10 team half ppr league, so there is a good amount of talent I could scoop up in free agency if i drop Jackson.

With Henry now going down, Ekeler should see more receiving work. This could mean he just gets better or it means that Jackson takes on more of the rushing load to allow Eekler to focus on receiving. I don’t like rostering all 3 RBs; but, I’d wait a week and see who has what role

I would drop Jackson. An alternate thought is to hang onto him for one more week to see if they increase his usage with Henry out. May be worthwhile if you have an open bench spot. You could offer as part of a trade if his usage increases.

I might just hang on to Justin Jackson for one more week or so. I was really hoping that Eagles could of made that trade for Gordan that the Chargers declined. That would of been the ideal scenario for me.