Chargers stopping contract talks with Gordon

Chargers have halted contract talks with Gordon until next season… Does this mean Gordon likely isn’t coming back this season?

What does this mean for Jackson or Eckler?

Hardball from TT. He has to ultimately come back to accrue his season which is week 10 latest I believe.

I doubt he plays on his 5th year option though and if the contract they offered is no longer on the table either it’s going to be ugly I think. Real hard line from the GM though.

I would suspect a trade but someone not only needs to offer a decent comp they also need to agree with Gordon the contract beforehand (behind the scenes of course).

Could be either gone or gone for 10 weeks most likely. Ekeler will get the majority of work but Jackson will get a good share and if Ekeler can’t stay healthy which he has struggled with under larger workloads Jackson could be a steal this year

Should i stash Jackson on my bench

100% yes asap

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Wise to drop Darwin for Jackson I take it? Or drop Dion Lewis for him?

Yep Darwin is essentially a drop now, especially for someone that could see solid work