Charity fantasy tournament...are u the u wana help

Triple s showdown fantasy tournament is back last year we had 120 teams and donated 500 bucks…we are the scott fish bowl for the every day player. last year we had 10 leagues 12 teams each…we have a regular season and a playoff to determine who is the best of the best…last year everyone put in ten dollars and we have 5 of each buy in to charity…some people go in for free bc they were office members of sleeper…if the charity is my stuff bags…they help new kids going to foster and orphange homes…they can use our support more than ever…if u think ur the best and want to help a create cause email me at or dm me on sleeper abouttreefiddy…i have a full channel on sleeper, consitution rules charity info and proof of donation from last year…please helppppp