Chark and Kittle for Hill?

Should I accept this trade??

IR spot? How deep are you at WR? My first instinct is no, but if you need help at TE and have deep WR you might be ok

My b, the wording was misleading.
I meant that I would receive Hill for trading away my Chark and Kittle.
I already have Waller at TE, and I feel like he will produce similar numbers to Kittle, especially now that SF has feeding the ball to several other players.
My other WRs are Godwin, Boyd, and Woods.
And no, we don’t have an IR spot.
Let me know what you think, thanks!
Update: he just told me that he wants either Godwin, Boyd, or Woods and Kittle for Hill. If he won’t change his mind, should I reject the trade, or should I offer up one of those 3 instead of Chark? And if so, which one would be best to trade away?