Chark for sale?

I need an RB to cover my byes this week. I have tyreek, hopkins, woods, and crowder for other receivers, and chubb/conner as by week rb’s, have AP, burkhead, and rashad penny as backups. Or should I trade AP and chark for gurley?

Seems like you could do better than AP & Chark for Gurley.
Mainly I’m not too high on Gurley in general. Rather try and get Coleman (probably cheaper) who has a good upcoming schedule too.

Ya. I’m struggling. Slightly stingy league especially being in second place…

Should i drop rashad penny for jamaal williams, or mark walton?

Start rex. He should be back this week. Don’t trade Chark. Trade AP and someone else to get any other running back. AP is useless with his upcoming schedule. I would send him to the waiver wire

So currently i’m planning to start AP and brown (if Gurley doesn’t play). BUT i have a waiver claim in for Williams/dropping Burkhead. Patriots run game is so hit or miss, I am concerned with Burkhead in general.

I get your opinion of the ancient one AP, but with the new coaching whether he is good or not, I have a feeling he will see A LOT of work. I agree though I think i’m gonna keep chark, and AP, unless I can get something better. Mixon is bad, gurley isn’t, but too risky.