Chark, Gallup or Campbell? PPR

Need a WR2 for this week. Should it be Chark against the Titans, Gallup against the Falcons, or Campbell against the Vikings??

I know Campbell was the hot new wavier wire pickup, but I don’t trust P. River. A case for Gallup is their game could become a shootout, but Lamb is definitely a bigger role than most expected. Chark could see more volume this week because I fully believe the Jags will be in a negative game script playing the Titans (Henry always runs all over the Jags). They all are WR2 options with potential to be WR1 this week, all come with risk. I would learn towards Gallup due to the better D matchup this week. Atl got scorched last week.

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It is amazing how Rivers looked with an actual Offensive line protecting him. Those DB’s in Minnesota are gettin smoked! Lamb does scare me a little bit and Cooper is obviously a favorite of Dak’s. I just have a hard time feeling like Minshew will be focusing alot on Chark. Last week didn’t appear that way.

You are correct, Chark didn’t get much volume last week. The issue I have with Rivers is he heavily favors the dump off to his RBs and TE near the goalline. Rivers also runs the risk of INTs (2 last week to a rookie) and becoming this year’s Jameis. I have a feeling the Colts will be positive game scriot this week and Taylor will smash Min on the ground. Overall, I believe all have nearly the same upside and risky floor this week.