Chark or Claypool ROS?

I considered trading for Claypool using chark but was curious if Anyone valued Chark higher than Claypool?

Right now I think most managers view Claypool higher. I think Chark is better ROS. You could wait one more week or dish Claypool right now.

Do you say that because you see chark as the 1 on his team and targets?

I think Ros chark is better. With diontae johnson coming back claypool might get a lot less targets. Or it could be the opposite that with 3 WR on the field claypool has more opportunities because the defense is spread out. And with pitt def being so good they are going to need to score as much. Chark has more garbage time potential. Plus I have chark and not claypool so I hope he does better…

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I think I might take the Claypool side as a chark owner who’s got burned once or twice. But this is a tough one for me. It’d be a little easier if we knew chark was going to get the concentrated target share he got last week but they’ve also spread the ball around a ton other weeks.

In a world where both players had equal targets from their respective QBs I’d take Claypool. Minshew has flashes of great throws but then some pretty bad ones. Tough decision though