Chark or Gallup flex

10-Team PPR, already have Lockett and woods at WR’s

I’m in a similar predicament between Chark, Moore, Gallup, and Lockett. Between those 2 I’d take Chark.

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I have the same question. Right now I’m waiting to see if Tyron Smith plays for the Cowboys. If so, I’m going Gallup. If not, I’d go Chark.


Not feeling confident in Chark yet this year. I’d go Gallup

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@aj2013 yea Lockett is a definite, woods I feel is that number one and will get a floor of like 15, Chark vs Tenn scares me but Dallas so many options and the OL banged up is what really is messing with it, I think I’m going to stick with Chark, appreciate the help

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Yea the OL situation is big for Dallas, either way I think it’s a big pass game but CeeDee was looking good last week and Dak was targetting him a lot, Amari’s condition is so in the air too. But yea I’m going to pay attention to the Tyron Smith news, appreciate it

Yea the no TD last week hurt, Dallas OL is really playing a factor as well as Tennessee defense is pretty solid vs the pass, it’s going to be about whether Gardner decides to go for his number 1 and rely on him to open things up, appreciate it

Tyron Smith is OUT. I’m probably going Chark.