Chark vs Slayton, rest of season, full PPR

I’ve got to make a move to deal with the Titans/Steelers game. Need to drop either Slayton or Chark, neither of who has been great, both of whom have potential. Chark’s lack of usage concerns me, but he’s a more clear WR1. I feel like Slayton still has breakout potential. What do you think?

you have no one else to drop? if you really dont, and it has to be one of these 2, it’s slayton

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I have the most depth at WR, so it’s one of these guys. Could drop Jonnu Smith and try to pick him up again, but a dependable TE is more difficult to come by so I think I’d rather stash him.

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I’d say drop Slayton. Chark has a better role with a QB who loves to target him.