Chase Edmonds trade help

What do we think about chase Edmonds value rest of season? I could use a wr.
My other rbs are Elliot, d’ernest Johnson, jd mckissic, alex Collins, Wilson jr, and Gainwell.

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Is this a PPR league? If so, Edmonds has been pretty consistent and can remain that way in the high powered Arizona offense. You could probably get good value for him. That being said, you’re next best RB is McKissic if it’s a PPR league then Alex Collins if he keeps the starting role which Carson may be done for the season.

It is a half ppr league

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It looks like you went nearly zero RB? I’d hold. That RB room is a dice roll past Elliot, and Pollard has looked pretty darn good when used so even that might wane. Everyone else is super volatile IMHO. Edmonds you know he has a role that is suplimented by Connor. The other players are have are their team’s suppliments. Yes Connor is stealing some touchdowns but I am still liking Edmonds’ usage. I’d hold.

Now it never hurts to window shop, but I’d want a really solid WR to move Edmonds and I’m not sure his value is enough to get it done. At least that’s how I see it.

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