Chase Edmonds?

How are y’all feeling about Chase Edmonds? Is he any threat to Drake? Clear handcuff? Other roles?

I see him as nothing more than a Handcuff for Drake owners. If I had him without Drake, I wouldn’t be opposed to selling him to the Drake owner for a early-mid 2nd. Maybe a late 2nd with a 2021 pick.

If Zona didn’t want to feature Drake as the man, they would’ve let him walk and wouldn’t have traded for him. I think he will be a bellcow.

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Chase Edmonds will have a limited role again, had 60 touches again this year same as last year and barely got over 300 yards due to his monster game against the Giants (27 carries 126 yards and 3 TD’s) would have been an fantasy irrelevant season again.

With the Cardinals having Nuk, Kirk, Fitzgerald and Hakeem Butler as the main targets (Andy Isabella to have limited time on the field especially first half new system changes are worked on and refined) expect them to be pass happy team with Drake seeing 15-18 touches max per game. I wouldn’t be surprised if they went a drafted an RB mid rounds this year as well to give Edmonds completion as RB2.

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Drake will be the man until he proves he is not! Edmonds will have to wait for his chance but see Eno Benjamin getting an early chance to impress put him under extra pressure for RB2 snaps.

The WR duo of Kirk, DNUK and Fitzgerald make it far easier to open the running game, chance to see what Murray’s ceiling is!

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Chase Edmonds will end a RB3 but RB5 in fantasy value. had his chance and didn’t take it similar to Bo Scarborough at the Lions when Johnson went down.

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Interesting to see how things change. Drake still getting volume, but Edmonds being productive. Will be interesting to see where this offense goes.