Chase Edmunds / Tevin Coleman FLEX

Need help deciding my FLEX this week.

Deciding between Chase Edmunds and Tevin Coleman. I’m leaning Edmunds if Johnson is out since he will be the # 1 and wont be in a RBBC like Coleman.

Standard 6 pt QB


QB1 Ryan Tannehill
RB 1 Saquon
RB2 Chris Carson
WR 1 Robert Woods
WR 2 Tyler Locket
TE Derren Fells/Herndon/streamer
DST Lions



Ya, I think Chase Edmunds. DJ is looking to be out

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I’d lean Coleman actually. Edmunds had a great weak, butthe Giants suck, so they could run it a lot, and run it well. The Saints have a much tougher defense, and a far better offense, meaning AZ won’t be running it as much playing catchup, and won’t be able to run it as well. DJ might even come in and play more if they’re desperate.

Coleman may be in a committee, but he still gets 15-20 touches/passes a game. SF has a better offense, and a very strong defense, so they’ll run the ball more and control the game. Coleman has the higher floor, and safer bet for more touches.

I’m in a similar situation, think I’m going Coleman because Saints are much tougher D.