Chase trade?

trade Ja’Marr Chase and get Keenan Allen & Burrow. Would you take that trade?

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Nah. I’m pretty much on the chase will cost so much you might as well not bother offering me trades plan right now


Which side are you? What format is this?

In general I’d want the Burrow / Allen side but league type and your existing roster could easily change that. I think Allen is older but just as studly in PPR. Burrow is an ascending QB and the ‘head of the snake’ in CIN which looks to be pass friendly. Having him means you get points no matter who he throws to. That plus Allen is pretty appealing.

None of this is to say Chase is bad. I’d love having him. But without knowing any details at all about this I’d lean Allen / Burrow.

Sorry forgot to mention league type.
I would get Allen and Burrow
He also has Montgomery, cook, and gaskins
Attached an image of my team.

Always get the best player in a trade, because it’s standard I wouldn’t trade chase for Allen even with burrow in there personally.

Chase would take a bounty to get right now.

no,chase has to much upside.