Cheap huge charity REDRAFT tourny

Triple S is back for its third year, if u are unfamilar it is a huge charity redraft tournament, Superflex and unique scoring, basically this is the scott fish bowl for the everyday player and all are welcome. 100 percent of donations go towards the mystuffbags foundations, a charity that helps newly orpahned kids get things they need to succeed despite being in a sad and scared situation. last year we raised over 2,000…way it works it simple form is 12 team leagues, 2 leagues make up one confrerence, u play normal h2h matchups in ur leagues and top 12 teams out of 24 in the conference go to playoffs. We play for bragging rights to see who the best is, last year had 18 leagues over 200 players. to play minium of 5 dollar donation is requested if u can afford more thats great remember its all going to a good cause, if u cant afford more and want to play 5 dollars is fine, donations are made via leaguesafe, venmo, paypal, or cashapp, all donations are tracked on an excel sheet so everyone can see them and add them up to make sure the actual donation matchs the excel sheet number. if ur interested in proving ur the best of the best dm me on sleeper - Abouttreefiddy or comment here with ur sleeper handle, or email me jxwakefield @ gmail

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