Cheap kittle or money Thomas

I am in a 10 team keeper auction league.
The league heavily favors keeping RB’s.
With that being said we get 3 keepers and
You can keep them for a max of 3 years. Each year they cost you 10$ more than previous year. 1/2 ppr!

I can keep as my final keeper;

Michael Thomas for his final year for 31$


George “full kittle” kittle for 11$ this year
Followed by 21$ next and 31$ the next.

Before you suggest both my other keepers
Are Conner for 11$ and davante Adams for 31$

200$ total.

Thanks footclan!

man thats a doozy.

I mean i think you are in a good position no matter what. but not a clear pick for me.

Starting your team with Adams ,Thomas and connor and saving about $61 on there usual draft price is such a great deal.

it really comes down to if you believe kittle to be a superstar. He is def good… But his numbers were HUGELY inflated. I am not sure what podcast it was but the ballers talked about kittle on it and they named the person who was second in targets for SF and it was a no name guy(never heard of him) and he only had like 56 and then kittle had something like 165 maybe even higher… It was crazy. SF was so depleted last year he was the ONLY guy to throw it to. SO he will SURELY digress. But by how much. I am not sure.
So if you believe kittle will be a top 3 TE for the next 2 years then I think i like having that value this year and next year as the top 3 TE usually cost 30+ in most auctions. But if you think he might even be a #4 or #5 TE over the next 2 years that VALUE just isnt there because once you drop outside the top 3 TE then the 4 and 5’s only cost $11-$14 and then 6 and 7 usually cost $7 and then everyone below costs like $3 or less. its just such a quick drop off in price atleast in auction leagues i am in.

So saying all that i would go with the sure thing in michael thomas as i honestly havent looked into kittle enough to make a call on him. I am either KELCE or wait till the $2 TE guy this year as i feel like the price tag for kittle and ertz are too high for some uncertainty.

hope this helped

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Thanks for the input. Have definitely been more leaning towards Thomas . And maybe just putting s bid on kittle or ertz, maybe waiting for Vance dance

I would keep Thomas over Kittle, having Conner, Adams and Thomas all for way less than market value is a massive steal. And if Kittle’s price goes way up, I’d be ok with getting an Engran or Howard type as an affordable solid TE option.

Thanks for the advice!