Cheaters: Who should be Champion

Last year I was in the Championship Game!

One of the teams that was out of it dropped Mike Evans to the Waiver so that they guy I was playing could pick him up and Beat Me!

I’m Claiming I’m the Champion! I stole the trophy from the Draft yesterday and I’m now posting pictures on Facebook claiming I’m the Champion!

What should the Commissioner Do in your Opinion cause it was a very close Championship Game in Scoring!

A) Since they Purposely Cheated Name Me Champion

B) Take Out Mike Evans Points, where in I would be Champion by Points!

C) Take Mike Evans out but put in his Best Scoring WR that was on his bench. . . In that case he would have the points to beat me and be Champion!

Please give me your honest answer! Thank You Footclan!

Sounds like there were no rules in place forbidding that course of action, so while it was a dirty move you are not the champion. The time to address it was when the drop/waiver occurred. If the league didn’t vote then that it was collusion and have the commissioner override it, then he won and you are not the champion. If that’s the case, I’d either fix the rules or get out of the league, but you can’t change the champion after the game has been played.


I hate to say it i’m in agreement with @smlevin75, my league has rules to counter this type of collusion but yes the time to address it was as soon as he was picked up.

In any case if i was commission and somehow missed all of this i would have said to the guy drop Evens to the bench and play a guy you already have. If he failed to do it i would have done it for him and picked the best projected scoring player as per our league rules, so i guess option 3. In any event i’m sorry to say, it sucks and it’s not the way to lose but i’m afraid you are not the champ…

Well we did address it at that time and the Commissioner did the C option. . . But now after thinking about it half the league has declared me Champion

The Commissioner saw it as collusion and did option 3 at the time!

Then I’m with the other half of your league that has not declared you champion, since by all the rules of your own league you are not champion

The issue is if M. Evans would have completely fell on his face and got 0 points, this wouldn’t be an issue to you correct? The only reason it is an issue is due to the fact that you loss. I understand your frustration completely and it sucks, but while it was a dirty move, it was done and the result is what it is. The commissioner should have put a stop to it when it happened so this falls on the commissioner’s shoulders just as much as it does the other two teams.

A couple of recommendations for this year:

  1. Use FAAB. That way Waiver priority doesn’t matter. Sure your opponent could have more FAAB than you if this same scenario were to occur but at least it makes it a little more fair in the sense of managing your FAAB and not just having a priority.

  2. Make every game count all the way to the end of the season. One thing you can do is $5/week from each team goes to the highest scoring team. So while a team may be in 11th place and eliminated from playoffs, they can still have a chance come week 16 at making a little money ($55 assuming it’s a 12 team league). That way, the owners will still play their best lineup and try and make some money.

  3. Not ideal but you can always lock eliminated teams. If once a team is eliminated they have no chance at any other sort of prize, just lock them. Their season is over.

Finally, I would look to get out of the league. If this is the kind of stuff that is allowed to fly than that’s not a league worth dedicating your time to. In my opinion.

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I would certainly make it a rule going forward. My league locks rosters once you are out of contention. You list though based on the rules in place.

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No dropping something stupid rule for no good reason next year. You lost though fair and square. The league was setup like a game of Risk. Don’t want to play Risk find another game. Is it messed up? Of course. If you would have won though or, you snag the player and win it would have not been an issue.

Fix the rules for this season. Even though it’s a dirty move if it wasn’t enforced before your matchup then your loss is sealed

Bad commish. Should’ve been overruled by commish or voted on as soon as it happened

Ok so here’s the deal: if it were me, I would have raised holy hell when Evans got dropped. Because the correct course of action isn’t A, B or C; its D: reverse the drop of Mike Evans.

You can’t give him 0 for Mike Evans because he “cheated”, because you don’t know that: if I was in a league final and Evans got dropped, you’re damn right I’m picking him up, because otherwise you could pick him up and start him against me.

You don’t give him the points from his top wr because he wasn’t necessarily going to start that wr, and this gives him an unfair advantage unless it’s clear that he obviously would have started that wr.

That’s why this needed to be addressed in a timely manner. You needed to nip this in the bud before game time. After it gets tough; if for whatever reason you couldn’t catch it in time, I think I’d say you put in the wr with the highest projection going in according to the site you’re using. But now, several months later? I’m sorry dude, it’s over.

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