Cheating LM

My LM commissioner in an ESPN league moved an active player on his roster to inactive after the player had played his 1:00 game and scored only 4 points. He won the championship game against me as a result. When I emailed him about it, he disconnected me from the league. He has not paid me (for second place) and because I cannot access the league, I can’t contact the other members to let them know what happened. What’s really upsetting is that ESPN refuses to help in any way. I wish there was a way to at least contact the other members to alert them to what happened. All I have is a screenshot of the active/inactive roster moves he made to his team as LM this past weekend and other weekends. So frustrating. I’m thinking of contacting media outlets about the lack of help I’m getting from ESPN. Has anyone done this? Thanks.

man that is really bad. I dont know what you can even do. How did you join this league and how are payments supposed to be made?

This is just so terrible. I am commissioner and lost my championship by like 2.3 or something, it was heartbreaking. I would never ever cheat like this and cant believe someone else would.

Thanks. Sorry to hear about that razor-thin loss! I joined by replying to a Rotoworld message board. I paid through Teamstake. At this point, it’s not about the money, I just want the other members to be aware of what happened. Also, this was before I discovered the footballers.

never used teamstake, can you comment in there?