Check out this trade offer for me

Guy in my league has Dak and wants Amarri Cooper…

Would you trade Amarri Cooper + Swift to receive a potential Alvin Kamara? .5PPR

My other RBs are
Najee Harris
Michael Carter
Sony Michelle

My other WRs are
Will Fuller
Darnell Mooney

I’m also the Waller owner so I’m not afraid of having him as a good TE, but I feel I’d be stretching my WR slot pretty thin, but would have 3 Stud RBs.

That would leave you pretty thin at WR. But if you can get Kamara for those two pieces you have to do it. You can always flip Sony to the Henderson owner for a lower level WR with upside, like Tim Patrick, J. Meyers, or Osborn. This is assuming you can play 3 RBs each week.

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I’d have to start 2 and flex the 3rd but yeah I would plan to start all 3 of those. I just traded away Tim Patrick cuz I didn’t see playing him in the next 5 weeks or so before Jeudy comes back. The Kamara owner also just bought Osborn off waivers, could easily try to get that included.