Check out this trade

Would you trade away Josh Gordon, Matt Ryan, and maybe Burkhead to attempt to get Barkley or Elliot?? I’m pretty set at wr and see Blake the snake in waivers

If you can convince someone to take that trade, sure.

If I got that as an offer, you’d probably wouldn’t even get a response.


What’s if going to take someone like you to give you one of those RBs lol

Going to take a WR from an equivalent tier or a WR from a slightly lower tier + and RB2 or something along those lines. No one is giving up work horse RBs for a question mark, a QB, and an RBBC.


What about giving up Thielen and like royce Freeman for Barkley or ? I find myself quite stacked at WR I have Thielen, Keenan Allen, Gordon, Fitz, golloday, Funchess and Jeffery about to come off ir…I feel like RB is my weak spot I only have fournette Burkhead (who I think is droppable?) and then all lottery tickets with penny, kerryon, Aaron Jones and Royce freeman

Thielen and Freeman, will not get your Barkley or Zeke imo.

Also, although you have a solid group of WRs, I wouldn’t say you’re stacked. Alshon hasn’t been healthy for a full season since entering the league. And when he plays hurt, he’s not very good. Philly also doesn’t utilize him that well. He’s a very TD or bust type of WR and very match-up dependent. Good CBs basically erase him from the game in shadow coverage. Also, if Gordon doesn’t work out, you’re d own again.

I’m personally worried about freeman given Lindsay’s huge role. I don’t think Burkhead is droppable at all. Aaron jones will be a key guy for you. If he pans out, you’ll be in a much better position.

I don’t think you have to go for like top 3-4 RBs. They are extremely expensive and people are rarely willing to part ways. Why don’t you use like Fitz/Jeffrey + like Freeman or penny or kerryon to go after a reliable RB2 or low end RB1.

I like what you’re thinking here. Also I appreciate your advice! Which RB you think would have best options? Kamara would be awesome but I feel no one will trade him. Melvin Gordon also coming off a big week so unlikely the owner will give up that leaves me with Kareem hunt? Still feels a bit unlikely

I would rather have Kamara ROS than Barkley or Zeke. I’d also rather have Gordon ROS than barkley. Those are all still top 5 RBs.

Hunt could be a decent target. People are lower on him. I think KC will rely on him more once the weather gets colder.

I notice the hunt owner also has tevin Coleman on bench…as a seasoned fantasy football player I assume you’d be offended by just a Fitz for Coleman trade? Need something like Fitz and Royce freeman for Coleman I assume

No fitz for coleman seems fine if he needs WRs and you need RBs.

Coleman is just a really good handcuff end of the day. If Freeman comes back, he goes back to 30-40% workload RB2/3 status.

I’m looking into trades again the person with hunt and Coleman are not trading regardless, I’m wondering what you think of trying to acquire David Johnson…what if I offered that same Fitz/Jeffery and Freeman/penny…do you think that is fair trade? I realize he’s an RB1 but his recent play has been terrible on the cards

Would you ask for mike Evans or Hopkins for James Conner in a trade

I don’t think you can get either, but obviously if they were saying yes to both, I’d rather have nuk.