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Check this draft out boys


Alright check this out. In order… It’s a weird one… I drafted from the 7 spot. Full PPR 12 man.

Odell Beckham
Melvin Gordon
Kareem hunt
Isaiah crowell
Keenan Allen
Michael Crabtree
Golden tate
Bilal Powell
Danny woodhead
Russel Wilson
Devante Parker
Kyle Rudolph

Didn’t even draft a kicker or defense lol.




Straight Gangster!


now that im done pumping my fist in the air, i just want to say i think this is the perfect example of knowing your league mates. i believe i got everyone on my team at a value ADP wise. my favorite one, is russel wilson. he kept on falling and i was watching the only other guy who didnt have a QB, who drafted at the 6 spot. so the round before i went for more depth, because he didnt take him. and i knew he wanted him. but because it was wrapping around the other way, i was able to take some more depth, (great PPR depth too) because i knew wilson would be there. his angry shout and curses still brings joy to my heart as i took him 1 spot in front haha.

also, never in my wildest dreams did i ever think i would do a draft, where i would use three high picks in a row on RB. and actually like it. anyway, throw what you guys think in as well. i think i got a solid A on this draft, but would love to hear what yall think.

also another side note, how we do out draft (because it is 1 dollar for ever add and every drop) is we draft with 1 spot open on our bench. which means ill still need to drop 1 person to get my kicker and D. so what i was thinking, is starting off with doing a 2 for 1 trade right off the bat. who would you guys look at trading here, and why? thanks boys!


how is this possible? that is awesome!


I love everything about this. If I can get a leaguemate to shout curses tomorrow I’ll crack up.


What…? I was expecting to re-read and see this was an 8 team league.


I know right? And three people in my league told me my team sucks… lol. I guess they will see this PPR fury and take that back. Lol.