Checkout this draft board - Star Wars theme - Can you guess which one was drunk?

Star wars Themed season.

FYI- I told the Ruskin Raiders about Luck right after he drafted him

edit: Keeper League - Kamara (wavier), CMC (drafted 6, 2 years ago), Kittle (waiver), JuJu (8th last year), Hunt (waiver), A Jones (waiver), Mahomes (13th last year), Conner (waiver).

Is that from this year? How in the hell did JuJu fall to the 7th round!? And i’ll take a stab and say the guy that drafted Luck and Newton back to back and a kicker in the 12 round had a few too many

Good guess, he was the only one stone cold sober. I got the alert on Luck about 5 mins before he drafted him. Everyone thought I was joking when I informed them after his pick, until they checked their phones.

Clarification: Any pick with a little “k” is a keeper. That’s why JuJu was in the 7th.

Also yes. This is from this year… drafted on saturday evening

I’m stumped.

Basically everyone who isn’t the 2nd dude was drunk or unconscious. Mixon in 3rd, CMC in 4th is absolutely ludacris. Although he may have been drunk too. passed on CMC 3 times to get in the 4th. That is wild.

Thought the same thing at first, but the OP says it’s a keeper league and any player with a “K” is a keeper. So McCaffrey is listed in the 4th round because, presumably, he was drafted in the 4th in 2018 (sounds about right, as I recall) and kept for 2019. Same with Kamara, who was either drafted late or not at all; he’s in the late rounds belonging to the team with the first pick, who now has Quon and Kamara; pretty sweet.

I’m just gonna go ahead and say it. Nobody here looks like he was comedically veering too far from ADP…I’ve drafted in wackier leagues (including my “home league,” like…every year there’s some whackado strategy coming from the bottom of a bong shared between at least one or two guys; this league looks pretty buttoned down compared to that).

Ah I see that’s much better.

CMC in the 4th even last year is absolutely robbery. I was trying to drafting him in the 2nd pretty much every time and I think that’s closer to the ADP.

Now that I keep staring at it…I’m guessing it’s the guy who kept Kareem Hunt and drafted Lev Bell, Antonio Brown, and Andrew Luck?


I just checked and he went 3.03 in my (standard 10 team) home league last year: a steal. Not surprisingly, that coach was in the championship game.

FFC has him at 13th overall (2.1 in 12 team .5 ppr), so you’re definitely right.

Maybe he fell a little further in this league bc of their keeper system; maybe lots of guys kept early round picks from the year before.

You guys are right… its a keeper league. If you keep a waiver its 15th pick next year, other wise it goes up one round every year, and you cant keep a 1st round pick.

Case in point - CMC is being kept for the 2nd year and Hunt is being kept for next years potential (again that guy is sober… dont ask)