Chicago or Houston?

Tough choice here. I lean Houston because of all the injuries there and the bad weather that they are supposed to get.

But I have road with the Bears all year and I know they are going to sack Rodgers like crazy.


I’ve got the same choice. Chose wrong last week but squeaked by my opponent. Really need to get it right this time because my opponent has both Juju and Amari Cooper and I need all the freaking points I can get. My brain tells me Houston but my heart screams Chicago.

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Yeah it is tough. The way our scoring is it doesn’t matter about yards. its basically turnovers, def TD’s and sacks. I feel like Chicago will sack Rodgers a lot but Texans may have more of the chance for turnovers and TD’s. The jets are torn up with injuries.

On the other hand Chicago is at home, Texans are away.

My heart wants Chicago too because I have rode them all year and they have been great. But you also have to trust the process of the Ballers.

I was choosing between Vikings and Chicago, and I can’t just put Chicago on my bench. They have been one of my best, most consistent studs all year. Last weeks domination made me feel confident to roll them out

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Deciding bears or ravens, same heart is telling me bears, thoughts?

And you were right. I should have rolled with them and stuck with my heart. Only scored 2 more points than Houston so not too big of deal. Still won so off to the finals!!!