Chime in on leagues rule - Am I just a dumb butt?

Situation last week:

My kicker is on bye. I drop him for Kia Forbath mid-week to play Kia in the 9:30 game in London. He is my only kicker rostered, of course.

Sunday morning at 8:30 before the game I drop Diggs and Forbath into my lineup EXCEPT I must not have hit save on Forbath and he stays on bench. I log out.

Sunday morning around 10:30 (halftime) of the game I log back in to see how they are doing and notice Forbath is still benched. He has 2 points in the game thus far. I contact the commish immediately becasue now Forbath is locked out. Commish says too bad, you blew it.

I lose the week by 8 points and would have won by 4 points. My record goes to 3-5 and likely takes me out of playoffs.

I know I could have double checked the lineup, but under these circumstances is it a problem to have your commish place the only kicker you have into the game - especially since I did add another player into the game prior to the start?

Thanks and don’t be shy about a truthful response. You won’t hurt my feelings.

Sorry to say - but I agree with the commish.

Halfway through a game, there is no way I would think it’s fair for someone to add a player as their starter.

Maybe your bench isn’t deep enough, but you could have added a different kicker from a later game.

Not a fun way to lose, but I think your commish made the right call.

Ya. Don’t be sorry. I’m a commish of another league that is more of a fun league and less competitive than the league I blundered in. I kept going back and forth myself. I toyed with contacting my opponent and seeing what they thought, but that’s not so fair either. The stinker is the fact that I have evidence that the attempt was there based on the fact I only had one kicker and I was active in adding a different player in the same game. Not iron clad evidence, but at least evidence that I’m an active manager. Truly a button press away…it was that “confirm” button on ESPN.

Ultimately, it’s on me though. Painful.