China Expats

I’m looking to start or join a competitive FFL. I’m an American living in China. Are there any other expats out there looking to join a league?

I’m not an expat (live in Virginia), but grew up overseas in a couple countries while my parents were in the service.

I’m up for joining another league and I’m fairly active (in terms of responding to trades, etc). If you’re looking to make your league an “expats-exclusive” league that’s perfectly fine. Depending how much interest you garner from other expats, if you have a few spots open you’re looking to fill, i’m happy to join and play with others all over the world.


Hey Chris, sure you can join. the China thing would just be a bonus. Actually there were lots of guys that wanted to join a dynasty league. I’d like to get the ones that didn’t get in to ban together with us and start one.

Actually this post should have been put in the #footclan-leagues section…maybe an admin can move it?

I’d just post again in the “Leagues” section and start fresh since we only had 44 views and 3 responses. If you have rules, bylaws, roster size, buy-in, etc., it’s good to include those in the initial thread to give people more info.

I lived in China for 7 years and Singapore for 3 years. If I had played FF before living there, it would have been great fun to have a league there. Most of my time in China was pre-internet so it wasn’t an option, but we were always looking for a way to get our American sports fix. Good luck with this. If I hear of any of my friends in China wanting to play I’ll send them here.