Choice of Draft Pick.. 1? - 8 team league

I won last year and can chose my pick this year!

Is it a lock to chose 1 for McCaffrey?

If I go 2 and get cook jonathan taylor may be on the board or solid wr. If I go Mccaffrey I could go wr kelce or chubb. Just guessing at who may still be available.

8 team league, 2 qb, 2 rb, 3 wr, 2 flex, 1 te

PPR as well

1 is a lock for me. McCaffrey is such a difference maker and that’s what you need in the leagues with fewer teams.

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Imho, in any league format (except maybe SF, but even then) CMC is 1.01, no doubts, no questions, just pressing ‘draft’ button on CMC’s name.

2 QB league, I would go CMC at #1 then jump on Allen/Murray at the 2/3 turn