Choose 2 out of 4 RBs!

Help me this week with this big headscratcher: (1/2 PPR league)

-Antonio Gibson

Thanks Guys!!!

What’s your scoring format? Standard no brainer Drake and RoJo, but any sort of PPR I still would go Drake and RoJo even though Hines is tempting.

half PPR. As a cardinals fan, I watched every snap and unfortunately it looks like we are using Edmonds quite a lot more than expected.

bump. Still undecided on this.

Drake is one of those start every week type of players. For your league type, RoJo has more upside than the other 2, however Fournette being there takes some volume away from him. A case can be made for Hines since P. River throws to his RBs a ton, but I see Hines more as a weekly flex with RB2 upside than an actual RB2. Gipson is a flex play when others are on bye, I just dont think Was (Haskins specifically) will be consistent/trustworthy.

Drake , Rojo then Hines for me this week.