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Choose 2 RBs to start: Drake, Lewis, Rawls


My best rbs are on bye, need to play 2 of these 3:
Kenyan Drake (@ panthers)
Dion Lewis (@ broncos)
Thomas Rawls (@ cardinals)


I would play Lewis and Rawls,
Broncos got destroyed by Wentz so why can’t Brady do it??
Rawls gets the starting role but don’t know how effective it can be.
I’m trying to stay away from Miami right now even though i have drake.


Yikes, these matchups are not favorable. As much as I hate the Seahawks backfield, I will go rawls and Drake. Broncos has destroyed everyone RB this stain except for darkwa. Too risky to play an RB against them. It might work out since it’s the pats but you’ll be betting against the odds.


Start Lewis. Brock will give ball away on short yardage for runs.

Start drake. He’s actually put up a performance of note in fantasy something rawls hasn’t despite arguable more opportunity. Plus he could get injured mid match and that’s that.


I’d go Drake, lewis.


Well, so far we have 3 for Lewis, 3 for Drake and 2 for Rawls
Will trust the footclan on this one!