Choose 3: DJ, Cook, M.Thomas, Gronk

2 keeper and I draft at 1.02. 1/2 PPR
I will end up with 3 of: DJ, Dalvin Cook, M. Thomas, & Gronk. - Who’s the one i don’t take?
(first 3 are on my roster so i’ll keep 2 & gronk will be available at 1.02)

DJ, MT is who I would take

i get 3 of them because i draft @ 1.02.

What about another Rb? Who are your options there?

keepers aren’t technically declared yet. probably Mckinnon, maybe jordan howard… no one else i would take over dalvin or gronk

So i will keep DJ and M. Thomas. and use pick 1.02 on: dalvin, gronk, or maybe howard. McKinnon too much injury risk. and i like gronk and dalvin over howard